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Cabin, Cottage, and Bungalow Availability

Seventeen of West Virginia's state parks and state forests offer cabins, cottages, houses or  bungalows for vacation or getaway rental. Only those areas are listed on this page; not all parks and forests have cabins and or lodge units for rent. 

However, the majority of inquiries are about weekend availability after Labor Day and prior to Memorial Day weekends. This chart reflects the number of units that remain available for rent on the weekend.  The chart is not real time, but posted on the date indicated and subject to change until the next posting date.

Please call the park or forest to reserve and confirm the cabin size and style available or use online reservations for parks with lodges and cabins.

Information last updated 03/21/17, call park to confirm.

STATE PARK OR FOREST AREA 3/24 3/31 4/7 4/14 4/21
Babcock State Park*** CL CL CL 11 19
Beech Fork*** 2 2 3 3 5
Blackwater*** 30 18 20 20 26
Bluestone*** 10 7 6 13 13
Cabwaylingo State Forest CL CL 6 7 7
Cacapon Resort 0 0 14 4 7
Cass Railroad 21 19 20 21 NR
Greenbrier State Forest*** CL CL CL 13 13
Holly River*** CL CL 7 1 1
Kumbrabow State Forest*** CL CL CL 4 1
Lost River 0 4 5 0 15
North Bend 0 1 2 3 0
Pipestem Resort 17 14 15 7 16
Seneca State Forest*** CL CL CL 4 3
Twin Falls Resort 4 0 1 11 11
Tygart Lake*** 0 1 0 0 NR
Watoga*** 2 4 0 2 27

NR - No Report
CL - Closed

Babcock – cabins open mid-April through the last week of October
Cabwaylingo - cabins open mid-April through late October
Greenbrier State Forest - cabins open the second Friday in April and close October 31
Holly River - cabins open from the first weekend in April through the fourth Monday in November
Kumbrabow - cabins open the second Friday in April through the first week of December (last day of deer rifle season)
Lost River – classic cabins open year-round; legacy cabins open from mid-April until on or about the fourth Monday in October.
Seneca - cabins open mid-April through the Monday after Thanksgiving
Tygart – cabins open mid-April through the end of December
Watoga – classic cabins open year-round; legacy cabins open last weekend in April through fourth Monday in October

*** offer 3 day weekend and 4 day mid-week rentals throughout the summer months. Rental policies may vary at each park. Visit their web site for details and requirements.

*this weekend is a holiday weekend and may require a three night minimum

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