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Visit at state park this summer and enjoy the outdoors, find good accommodations and things to do. There is no admission fee to enter areas operated by the state. Visit every chance you get. Thank you for your patronage.

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West Virginia State Parks and Forests

…to “promote conservation by preserving and protecting natural areas of unique or exceptional scenic, scientific, cultural, archaeological, or historical significance and to provide outdoor recreational opportunities for the citizens of this state and its visitors.”  This mission statement, embodied in state law, has been the guiding principal for operating the West Virginia State Park system since its inception in the late 1920s.  Additionally, state parks and state forests continue to serve as major tourist attractions and travel destinations.

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Twin Falls Resort State Park

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Catfishing in the Parks
Channel catfish stocking has occurred at many lakes. Tagged catfish were stocked at these areas: Chief Logan, Cedar Creek, Pipestem, Tomlinson Run, Cacapon, Little Beaver, Watoga, and North Bend state parks   Learn how to report tagged fish.

Beech Fork Cabins
July 14-20, 2014 deal
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August 18 - 28, 2014 deal
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Twin Falls Resort Lodge
"25 for 5" in July
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Things to Do “AT-A-PARK”
Pipestem, Cacapon, Blackwater Falls, North Bend, Holly River, Lost River, Beech Fork, Watoga

Sponsor a Cool! Pool Day
Twin Falls State Park is looking sponsors wanting to promote outdoor recreation for families and youth. Learn more.

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