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State Park System - Storm Damage and Updates

This webpage was created as a public information resource for our visitors and employees about storms that occurred on June 29 and on July 1, 2012 across West Virginia.  Tropical Storm Sandy that began on October 29, 2012 is causing this page to return. This is not real time. This page is a snapshot at the date and time indicated on bottom of the  page.

A limited image gallery shows scenes at Audra State Park to illustrate damages from snow fall.

This webpage will remain in existence in the event other natural occurrences which result in an area needing information available for our visitors as well as our employees, area residents and general public.

Audra  Map Icon

Power restored on Nov. 8. Clean up continues.

Babcock   Map Icon

Standard operation. Power restored on 11/4/2012. Roads open to park office and mill.

Beech Fork   Map Icon

Open! For cabin reservations, call 304-528-5794.

Beartown   Map Icon

Standard operation. Closed to vehicular, but open to foot traffic.

Berwind WMA  Map Icon


Berkeley Springs   Map Icon


Blackwater Falls  Map Icon

Open! Power restored 11/11/12. Call 304-259-5216 re: lodge, cabin reservations; restaurant open. Boardwalk to falls area remains closed.

Blennerhassett Island   Map Icon

Island is closed for the summer season.  Museum is open.

Bluestone   Map Icon

Open.  Power restored to cabins.

Bluestone WMA   Map Icon

Standard operation

Cabwaylingo  Map Icon

Standard winter operation. The power is restored and phones operating.  Cabin at Cabwaylingo are not open in the winter months. Call for reservations in 2013.

Cacapon Resort  Map Icon

Open! Lodge, vacation cabins, restaurant. Roads cleared. 304-258-1022 for room/cabin reservations.

Camp Creek   Map Icon


Canaan Valley Resort  Map Icon

Power restored 11/3/2012.  (Tucker County)  Call 304-866-4121 for lodge and cabin reservations.

Carnifex Ferry   Map Icon

Standard winter operation.  Storm clean up continues on trails, etc.

Cass Scenic Railroad  Map Icon

Company house rentals available year round – 304-456-4300.

Train rides resume Memorial Weekend.

Cathedral   Map Icon

Standard operation. Storm conditions are present.

Cedar Creek   Map Icon


Chief Logan   Map Icon


Chief Logan Lodge  Map Icon


Coopers Rock   Map Icon

Power restored. All areas open. Water restored 11/9/2012. Work continues on clearing trees and debris.

Droop Mountain Battlefield  Map Icon

Standard operation. No significant damage from storm.

Greenbrier State Forest   Map Icon

Standard operation

Greenbrier River Trail


Hawks Nest  Map Icon

Open!  Power restored.  Lodge and restaurant open. 304-658-5212 for room reservations.


Holly River  Map Icon

Closed. No power. All guests evacuated by 11/2/2012. Extensive power line, pole, transformer damage. (Webster County)

Press release of 11/5/2012.

Kanawha State Forest  Map Icon

Standard winter operation.

Kumbrabow State Forest  Map Icon

Power restored Nov 13. (Randolph County) Road opened from 219 on 11/4. Clean up continues.

Laurel Lake WMA Map Icon

Standard operation.

Little Beaver   Map Icon

Power is restored. Campground closed for the season.

The area around the lake is open but hikers are cautioned that the park trails have numerous trees down and use is discouraged until further notice.

Lost River  Map Icon


Moncove Lake   Map Icon

Standard operation.

North Bend and NB Rail Trail  Map Icon

North Bend Lodge –Open!

North Bend Rail Trail – Open!

Panther WMA  Map Icon

Standard operation.

Pinnacle Rock  Map Icon

Standard operation.

Pipestem Resort  Map Icon

Open! Call 304-466-1800 for reservations or information.

Plum Orchard WMA Map Icon

Power restored November 5. Roads are open and passable. Rifle range open. Tree removal and clearing still a work in progress.

Pricketts Fort  Map Icon

Standard operation.

Seneca State Forest  Map Icon

Standard operation.

Stonewall Resort  Map Icon

Open! Call 304-269-7400 for reservations.

Tomlinson Run   Map Icon

Standard operation.


Standard operation.

Twin Falls Resort  Map Icon

Open! Power fully restored. Main entrance open. . 304-294-4000 for room and cabin reservations.

Tygart Lake  Map Icon

Lodge and restaurant open. Cabin area open and roadways open. Call 304-265-6144 for accommodations.

Valley Falls  Map Icon

Standard winter operation.  Storm clean up continues on trails, etc.

Watoga  Map Icon

Open. Standard winter operation.

Call 304-799-4087 for cabin reservations.

Watters Smith Memorial  Map Icon

Standard operation.

Updated: 11/21/2012 – 3:50 p.m.

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