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West Virginia’s state parks and forests offer packages and deals throughout the year. Click the tab to go to the type of accommodation or interest.  When you click the name of the park or forest, you’ll go to that specific park or forest ‘deals and packages’ page.  We do our best to keep this landing page current and summarizing the many options for getaways, retreats and adventure.

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Pipestem Resort State Park
Early spring and late autumn combine with trout fishing, meals and comfortable accommodation are a specialty at Pipestem Resort State Park. Learn more


North Bend State Park
The "Voyage" Package includes lodging at North Bend State Park and attractions at Blennerhassett Island. Learn more


Pipestem Resort State Park
Pipestem Resort partners with several Whitewater Rafting companies. Stay at Pipestem Resort State Park and take advantage of discount rafting packages. Learn more about various rafting opportunities


Tygart Lake State Park
Deer and turkey hunters will enjoy a rate break at Tygart Lake Lodge for sportsman during hunting seasons.  Two nearby wildlife management areas offer public access. Learn more


Tygart Lake State Park
Anglers find discounted rates at Tygart Lake Lodge. Learn more

‘Crackerjack’ – Pipestem Resort State Park

November 2, 2014  – March 31, 2015
Spend Sunday and/or Monday night at Pipestem McKeever Lodge at 50% off standard room rates. Get more info


North Bend State Park Lodge
Overnight at North Bend Lodge and breakfast for two (room service).  Packages offered year-round. Learn more


North Bend State Park Lodge
Overnight at North Bend Lodge and dinner  for two  is included.  Packages offered year-round. Learn more

“Honeymoon – Anniversary Package” – Tygart Lake State Park – Lodge

Overnight at Tygart Lake Lodge, breakfast for two, a rose, WV wine and wine glasses.
Learn more about Tygart Lake packages

Veteran Lodge Discounts:

“Armed Services R&R Discount” – Blackwater Falls
Standing Discount – Hawks Nest – 304-658-5212
Standing Discount – Tygart Lake – 304-265-6144
Standing Discount – Stonewall Resort – 304-269-7400
Standing Discount – Canaan Valley – 304-866-4121
Standing Discount – Cacapon – 304-258-1022
Standing Discount – Pipestem – 304-466-1800
Standing Discount – Chief Logan Lodge – 304-855-6100

“Bed and Breakfast Special” – Cacapon Resort State Park – Lodge

Multiple dates. Package includes accommodations at Cacapon Lodge Sunday – Thursday nights and breakfast for two.
Learn dates and rates



20% off two or more night cabin rentals at these areas. Learn more by clicking the park name.
Babcock State Park  April 19 – May 21, 2015
Twin Falls Resort State Park - April 19 – May 21, 2015
Pipestem Resort State Park – April 6 – May 14, 2015
Blackwater Falls State Park - April Twist
Blackwater Falls State Park - Cozy Cabin Getaway – through May 21, 2015
Bluestone State Park – April 19 – May 21, 2015
Seneca State Forest – April 17 – May 17, 2015


Looking for an August getaway?  Babcock's "Awesome August Special" is a 20% discount on cabin rental rates August 8 – 26, 2015.  There is a two night minimum and the discount is available for all cabin types, as available, and only excludes cot fees and pet fees for designated pet cabins.   Learn more


Bluestone State Park
Celebrate your birthday at Bluestone State Park. Book a cabin at Bluestone and show identification that it's your birthday and the rate is 20% off. Minimum of two nights is required. The offer is year-round. Reservation rental guidelines will apply. Reserve your dates by calling, 304-466-2805

"Boatin' Bluestone" Cabin and Pontoon Rental Special

Take advantage of spring, summer, and early autumn weather! Water! Boating! Fishing! Stay in a two bedroom vacation cabin at Bluestone State Park and enjoy Bluestone Lake via a 4-hour pontoon boat rental. Click for dates and details.


Overnight at Tygart Lake 2-person cabin, breakfast for two, a rose, WV wine and wine glasses.
Learn more about Tygart Lake packages



"Jump Start Camping" in April.  From April 10 - 30, 2015 stay two nights at Seneca State Forest and the rate is the one night rental fee.  Learn more

Take the Kids And Go Camp!

Go camp! August 23-30, 2015 for two or more nights and the second night is free when the site is a family and the family includes a youth 12 years of age or younger. 

From August 23-30, 2015
Here's how it works, pay the 1st night, 2nd night free; pay the 3rd night, 4th night free; pay the 5th night, 6th night free, pay the 7th night, 8th night free.  In other words in a 7-8 night stay the maximum free nights is three in a seven day period.  Weekend included.

However, two nights is great for a family going camping and getting the second night free is dandy!   Call the park for advance reservations after March 15, as available; Parks with * are first come, first served opportunities.

Participating parks in the Take Kids Camping!

Pipestem Resort State Park
Twin Falls Resort State Park
Holly River State Park*
Kumbrabow State Forest*
Beech Fork State Park
Seneca State Forest


Stay two nights, third consecutive night is free with internet coupon.


Rent a campsite for two night and third consecutive night is free. Learn more>


Five West Virginia state parks offer championship golf courses. For all courses, package links and offers, learn more   Or click the park name to go to golf at Cacapon, Canaan Valley, Pipestem, Stonewall, Twin Falls resort state parks.

Other golf packages
These are state parks that have partnered with area golf courses for play.



A variety of any-time discounts or seasonal rate offers are made available to all military personnel who have served or currently in reserve or active duty.


Lodge Discounts
10% off standard lodge room rates at these West Virginia State Park lodges year-round. Discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

Cabin Discounts
10% off standard cabin rates at these West Virginia State Park cabins year-round. Discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

Camping Discount
10% off standard campsite rates at these West Virginia State park campgrounds year-round.  Discount cannot be combined or added to other discounts that may be in place.

Participating areas include:
Audra – Campground
Babcock – Cabins and Campground
Beech Fork – Cabins and Campground
Blackwater Falls – Lodge, Cabins, Campground
Bluestone – Cabins, Campground
Bluestone WMA  – Campground
Cabwaylingo SF – Cabins, Campground
Cacapon – Lodge, Cabins
Camp Creek - Campground
Canaan Valley – Lodge, Cabins, Campground
Cass Scenic Railroad – Company Houses
Cedar Creek – Campground
Chief Logan State Park – Campground
Chief Logan Lodge – Lodge
Coopers Rock SF – Campground
Greenbrier SF – Cabins
Hawks Nest – Lodge
Holly River – Cabins, Campground
Kanawha SF – Campground
Kumbrabow – Cabins, Campground
Little Beaver – Campground
Lost River – Cabins
Moncove Lake – Campground
North Bend – Lodge, Cabins, Campground
Panther WMA – Campground
Pipestem – Lodge, Cabins, Campground
Plum Orchard Lake WMA – Campground
Seneca SF – Cabins, Campground
Tomlinson Run – Camper Cabins, Yurts, Campground
Twin Falls – Lodge, Cabins, Campground
Tygart Lake – Lodge, Cabins, Campground
Watoga – Cabins, Campground

Always use the better discount or rate promotion with the greater savings that may be available. Rental guidelines are posted on park webpages or by telephone to the specific park.  Click the park name to learn more.

2015 SPLASH!
Swimming at outdoor swimming pools and beaches at Cacapon and Tygart Lake is free in 2015 to all military personnel who have served or currently in reserve or active duty. Identification may be required.  Fee-free waiver is for the military person only; others in the party are fee-based, unless other swimming promotions are occurring.

Special rates and offers are extended at various times of the year.  These vary and do not include all areas and also vary season to season and year to year. Click here for these offers.


Special events generally are on weekends and generally scheduled on an annual basis or one-time. There are over 300+ events posted on the Events Calendar and the calendar is updated frequently.

Visit the Event Calendar
Scroll to the month you’d like to travel or visit and click. Then scroll down the list of dates to find an event. The event calendar lists all special events including day only as well as programs and activities packaged with accommodations. For a complete list of all special events at all areas, click here to visit the “Event Calendar.”

Visit the individual park or forest events pages to find overnight packages that include events and activities. Special events include dances, dinner theaters, nature oriented, quilting, photography and other workshops, and other interests and schedule throughout the year.  The rates are reasonable. 

Blackwater Falls  – Cacapon  – Canaan Valley – Chief LoganHawks Nest
North Bend  – Pipestem  –  Stonewall – Twin Falls  – Tygart Lake


Applicable West Virginia taxes applied to all rental fees and rates unless indicated otherwise. The specific park or forest is responsible for rate quotation and reservation confirmation.

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