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West Virginia State Parks and Forests

West Virginia's state parks and forests offer camping experiences from primitive tent sites to full-hook up service. Click the area name for specific details.

Click into the accommodation type that you enjoy. Or consider the various overnight packages posted throughout the year.

Campgrounds are located at these state parks, forests and wildlife management areas.
(For addition wildlife management areas that are under the management of the Wildlife Section of the Division of Natural Resources, click here.)

Audra   icon showing location of Audra
67 Tent/Trailer Sites
Babcock State Park  icon showing location of Babcock with west virginia cabins for rent
52 Tent/Trailer Sites
Beech Fork   icon showing location of Beech Fork
275 Tent/Trailer Sites
Online reservations for Beech Fork only
Berwind Lake WMA icon showing location of Berwind Lake Wildlife Management Area  
8 Tent/Trailer Sites
Blackwater Falls  
65 Tent/Trailer Sites
Bluestone State Park  icon showing location of Bluestone Lake with west virginia cabins for rent
123 Tent/Trailer Sites
Bluestone WMA  icon showing location of Bluestone Wildlife Management Area
330 Tent Sites
Cabwaylingo   icon showing location of Cabwaylingo with west virginia cabins for rent
21 Tent/Trailer Sites
Camp Creek   icon showing location of Camp Creek
53 Tent/Trailer Sites
Canaan Valley Resort Location of Canaan Valley Resort
34 Tent/Trailer Sites
Cedar Creek   icon showing location of Cedar Creek
65 Tent/Trailer Sites
Chief Logan   icon showing location of Chief Logan
26 Tent/Trailer Sites
Coopers Rock   icon showing location of Coopers Rock
25 Tent/Trailer Sites
Greenbrier State Forest  icon showing location of Greenbrier State Forest
16 Tent/Trailer Sites
Holly River   icon showing location of Holly River with west virginia cabins for rent
88 Tent/Trailer Sites
Kanawha State Forest  icon showing location of Kanawha State Forest
46 Tent/Trailer Sites
Kumbrabow State Forest  icon showing location of Kumbrabow with west virginia cabins for rent
13 Tent/Trailer Sites
Little Beaver State Park Little Beaver SP
46 Tent/Trailer Sites
Moncove Lake   icon showing location of Moncove Lake
47 Tent/Trailer Sites
North Bend  icon showing location of North Bend
77 Tent/Trailer Sites
Panther WMA  icon showing location of Panther State Forest
6 Tent/Trailer Sites
Pipestem Resort  icon showing location of Pipestem Resort
82 Tent/Trailer Sites
Plum Orchard Lake WMA   icon showing location of Plum Orchard Lake Wildlife Management Area
38 Tent Sites
Seneca State ForestIcon showing location of Seneca
(304) 799-6213
8 Pioneer cabins
10 Sites - Campground
Stonewall Resort Location of Stonewall Resort
46 Full Hook Up Sites
Tomlinson Run   icon showing location of Tomlinson Run
54 Tent/Trailer Sites
Twin Falls Resort  icon showing location of Twin Falls Resort
50 Tent/Trailer Sites
Tygart Lake  icon showing location of Tygart Lake
40 Tent/Trailer Sites
Watoga State Park  icon showing location of Watoga State Park
88 Tent/Trailer Sites
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Operation of state-owned campgrounds is variable and dependent upon the weather, particularly in early spring and onset of winter. Campers are encouraged to check with the individual facility in advance of stated opening and closing dates for confirmation. The camping season usually runs from mid-April to mid- to late- October with the following exceptions:

  • West Virginia State Parks offers pristine and family campgrounds throughout the stateWatoga's Riverside Campground - April 1 through October 31; Beaver Creek Campground, Memorial Day Weekend through October 31. Laurel Run Campground (primitive) is year-round.
  • Moncove Lake - generally opens April 1, but may be later in April and remains open through deer rifle season, however, water is not available after October 31.
  • Holly River - First Friday in April through the last Monday in November.
  • Canaan Valley - Open year-round
  • Pipestem Resort* - Open year-round.
  • Stonewall Resort* - Open year-round
  • Beech Fork Old Orchard Area* - Open year-round
  • Bluestone WMA - Open year-round, rustic/primitive sites
  • In general, state forests open - mid-April through deer rifle season, weather permitting.
  • Coopers Rock State Forest opens April 1 (weather permitting) through October 31.
  • Note: For winter camping where water service is available*, prior to hookup, campers must have adequate heat tape and insulation. Campers are encouraged to call in advance of arrival and learn about winter conditions and camping opportunities.


Deluxe sites
Outdoor grill, tent pad, pull-off for trailers, picnic table, electric hookups, some with water and sewer hookups, dumping station, bathhouses with hot showers, flush toilets and laundry facilities.

Standard sites
Same as deluxe, but generally no hookups are available. Some sites at some areas may have electric hookups.

Rustic sites
Improved sites with limited facilities, well water and pit toilets.

Primitive sites
Undeveloped areas, some have basic water and sanitation facilities.

Yurt rentals at Tomlinson Run State ParkYurt Rentals
Yurt Rental is a unique offering only at Tomlinson Run and is perfect for the novice camper. All yurts come complete with a cooler, a propane stove, lantern, picnic table and cookware.

Camper Cabins
Camper Cabins are only available at Tomlinson Run State Park. For details, click here>>


Always check with the park or forest of your choice for varying rates associated with individual campsites.

State Parks with campgrounds
Beech Fork
Blackwater Falls
Camp Creek
Canaan Valley Resort
Cedar Creek
Chief Logan
Holly River
Little Beaver
Moncove Lake
North Bend
Stonewall Jackson
Tomlinson Run
Twin Falls
Tygart Lake

State Forests with campgrounds
Coopers Rock

Wildlife Management Areas with campgrounds
Berwind Lake WMA
Bluestone WMA
Plum Orchard Lake WMA

Prices vary according to season.
Prices vary according to amenities offered per site.
All rates are subject to change without prior notice.


Totally and permanently disabled West Virginians,  WV Code §5B-1-17c.

West Virginia residents who are totally and permanently disabled can receive a discount of 50% off on campground fees for each campsite to be used exclusively by the eligible camper. Print and complete the application here and take it to a physician who is licensed in the State of West Virginia to certify the application, and then mail it back to the address at the top of the application.

  • available day after Labor Day to four days prior to Memorial Day
  • discount card must be obtained in advance of camping reservation.
  • cards will be mailed to applicant from the WV State Parks central office, Charleston, WV, after submission of completed application signed by a licensed WV physician.

Senior Citizens Camping Discount

Persons reaching their 60th birthday and having proof of date of birth are extended a senior citizen discount of 10% off the standard camping rate. The senior must be an occupant of the rented campsite.

West Virginians 62 year years of age and older

WV residents 62 years of age and older are offered a 50% discount off of standard camping rates from the day after Labor Day until four days prior to Memorial Day. Proof of age and residence is required.  The senior must be an occupant of the rented campsite.

Special Discounts

From time to time parks and forests offer other camping discounts.  These specials are posted, as available,  online at the top of this webpage. Discounts and packages at state parks lodges and state park and forest cabins are listed here or on the specific park or forest webpage.


  • Campsite reservations may be made by writing or by calling toll free 1-800-CALL-WVA and requesting the park, forest or wildlife management area of your choice.
  • Reservations may be made up to two days in advance and must be secured by deposit (entire rental fee plus $5 handling fee).
  • A minimum of two nights, (up to a maximum of 14 nights) is required when making a reservation.
  • In case of cancellations, deposits will be refunded (except a $5 handling fee plus first night's rental) if notified 7 or more days in advance.
  • Personal checks and major credit cards are accepted (Discover, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diner's Club). Charges to credit cards occur at time of reservation.
  • Campsite numbers will not be guaranteed, however every effort will be made to assign the campsite requested.
  • The majority of campsites are rented on a first come first serve basis, up to 50% of the sites at the following parks and forests are available for seasonal reservations: Babcock, Beech Fork, Blackwater Falls, Bluestone, Camp Creek, Canaan Valley Resort, Cedar Creek, Chief Logan, Coopers Rock, Greenbrier State Forest, Holly River, Little Beaver, Kanawha State Forest, Kumbrabow State Forest, North Bend, Stonewall Resort, Tomlinson Run, Twin Falls Resort, Tygart Lake and Watoga.
  • Beginning November 1, 2013 all campsites at Pipestem Resort campsites are reservable. To learn more click here. Pipestem Resort offers online reservations for campsites in addition to lodge room and cabin rentals.

Mail-in Reservations

  • Only mail-in reservations will be accepted from February 15 - March 14.
  • Reservations must be postmarked on or after February 15 or they will be returned.
  • All reservations will be sorted by postmark and opened at random.
  • A maximum of three reservations per envelope will be accepted.
  • Advance reservations for campsites that are accessible to persons with disabilities may be reserved from February 15-March 14 (proof of disability must accompany the deposit).
  • Click here for a list of park and forest with reservable site application forms

Not all campgrounds take reservations, see above.

Phone-in Reservations

  • Call-in reservations will be taken on March 15.
  • Reservations may be made by calling 1-800-CALL-WVA and asking for the park or forest where you would like to make campsite reservations.  You may also call the areas direct.
  • Beech Fork State Park online campsite reservation service begins March 15. To reserve sites at Beech Fork, click Online Campsite Reservations

Walk-in Reservations

  • Walk-in reservations will be taken and filled subject to availability on April 1.
  • Beginning March 15 all sites become available for all rentals.


  • Camping stay is limited to fourteen consecutive days (except after Labor Day until the first day of the following May at the discretion of the superintendent).
  • Check-out time is 12:00 noon.
  • Not more than two motor vehicles are permitted on a campsite at any time.
  • A non-family camping group may have only one camping unit (tent, trailer, motor home, camper, van, etc.) on its campsite.
  • Families may have one or two small tents in addition to the main camping unit on its campsite.
  • Campsites not reserved are rented on a first come first served basis.
  • Campers must register before occupying a campsite.
  • Camping in any manner is prohibited in state parks, state forests, and state wildlife management areas, except at numbered sites designated for camping.
  • No explosive materials or other dangerous substances are permitted.
  • Uncased firearms, bows and arrows are prohibited other than when the area is open for hunting.
  • Posted speed limits and campground regulations must be obeyed.
  • Quiet hours must be observed between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
  • Motorbike riding is prohibited in campground areas.
  • Bicycle riding is prohibited after dark unless properly equipped with a lighting system front and rear. State law requires riders under 14 to wear a helmet.
  • Only dogs and cats are permitted in camping areas, and must be restrained on a leash no more than 10 feet in length.
  • Limited to fireplaces or stoves DO NOT LEAVE FIREPLACES UNATTENDED.
  • Hunting is permitted in state forests and wildlife areas, but NO hunting is allowed in state parks.
  • Fishing is permitted in all areas.
  • A West Virginia Hunting and/or Fishing License is required.
Travel advisory regarding an insect, the Emerald Ash Borer
We encourage you to leave your firewood behind for this camping season.
Read more about this forest pest that may travel with you.
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