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VIPP Program - Very Important Parks Person

If you frequent state parks…
If you appreciate the beauty and natural wonder found at state parks and forests…
If you participate and attend special events, activities and programs…
You are already a Very Important Parks Person.

And now’s the time to make it official!

VIPP is a unique visitation program introduced in 1986 and created to recognize
‘friends’ of West Virginia State Parks. Those individuals, families and friends have grown in number and come from the entire State of West Virginia and beyond.

VIPPers are an eclectic group.

There are hikers and bikers (both bicycle and motorcycle).

There are paw paws and whippersnappers.

There are the very curious with GPS units and the very laid back ready for a nap.

Preachers, teachers and students.

Historians and naturalists.

Teens and tweens and young families recognizing state parks and forests as an affordable family vacation with great facilities and programs.

Many VIPPers remember parks as a child and continue to visit parks as a tradition with children, a sweetheart, parent, guardian or grandparent.

Each participant has a personal commitment or fond memories of state parks and forests.

All independently share an appreciation of the recreational treasure that public lands like parks and forests offer state residents and guests. Parks and forests are special places that are
preserved, stewarded and maintained for all generations.

The VIPP concept gives recognition to individuals, friends and family visiting state parks and forests and enjoying the interpretative programs, activities and special events offered.

In the “spirit of welcome,” you’re invited to participate.

How to join the growing VIPP list:

  • Complete a simple registration form available in the printed VIPP brochure.
  • Brochures are available state parks and state forests, the WV Welcome Centers and the central office in South Charleston, WV.
  • To have a brochure/form mailed to you, please call 304-558-2764 and ask for a VIPP brochure.
  • After completing and forwarding the registration form via mail, you’ll receive a VIPP information packet via USPS mail. The visitation log card is mailed after we receive the completed enrollment form.

A lifetime of enjoyment at WV State parks and forests begins!

To attain VIPP status participants must:

  1. Visit fifteen mandatory parks and forests and five additional areas from the list of elective parks and forests printed on the initial participation card issued.
  2. When visiting the areas, participants must stop at the park office, headquarters or front desk and have your card stamped and dated by park personnel. On those areas that do not operate a 24-hour desk or there is no one available to stamp your visitation card, you will find a modified birdhouse with a stamp specific to that area. We operate under the merit system at these areas and accept your date written by the stamp you place on the card.
  3. The program is not a race, nor are there any expectations of completion in a given amount of time. The expectation is that completed cards submitted are truthful and that the individual actually visited the areas indicated.
  4. The program is open to any person regardless of their race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, or other legally recognized protected status.
  5. Once a participant has personally completed the required visits, sign the back of the card and mail it into the Parks and Recreation office.
    West Virginia State Parks
    Attn: VIPP Program
    324 4th Avenue
    South Charleston, WV 25303
  6. The reward for completing the initial VIPP visitation requirement is a $25 gift card. This card can be used at an WV State Park or Forest to purchase gift items, accommodation payments, golf play or other fee based services.  An embroidered VIPP patch accompanies the gift card.  The rewards are mailed after the completed card is received the information is logged. The gift card and VIPP patch are issued only once. Replacement of lost  or stolen cards cannot be accommodated.
  7. There is no limit to the number of times you may complete the program.
  8. For each additional completion, a star is awarded. Participants become a Star VIPP upon the second completion, upon the third, a Two Star VIPP, etc.
  9. Star VIPPers receive a VIPP Star Card. Star VIPP cards are mailed after completion of the initial VIPP card. The practice of having multiple cards stamped for one individual or having multiple cards stamped for other individuals who are not present at the park or forest is strongly discouraged. The expectation is to receive truthful information regarding visits to areas.
  10. The coordinator for the VIPP program is Carol Stewart. She and her husband are 15-star participants and were VIPPers long before Carol came to WV State Parks to serve as VIPP coordinator. She enjoys an earlier retirement but refuses to retire completely and thus serves as VIPP coordinator on a part-time basis. She is in the office on an intermittent schedule.

    If you plan to stop by to drop off completed cards, please call or email in advance. This allows the enrollee and Carol to discuss VIPP information. Her email address is The phone number is (304) 558-2764. If you reach her voice mail, please leave a message with your name and phone number so she may return your call.

    Carol makes every attempt to contact VIPPers and to complete requests as soon as possible.  Gift Cards are mailed after the initial card or star cards are deemed eligible and as available.
  11. VIPP cards issued are logged prior to mailing and have a start date indicated. A database is maintained to track rewards, stars, cards and license plates issued.
  12. There is no charge to register in the VIPP program


Email for a lifetime of state park fun as a VIPP and to ask for a VIPP brochure. If you're wanting only the registration form click here to print that information.  You may complete the form, scan and forward the information via email as an alternative to a postal mailing.  The email address is

Due to increased  gift card sales for holiday giving and customer assistance requiring longer conversations regarding gift cards, responding to VIPP (mail or requests) is generally postponed until January.  Thank you for your understanding in our delay.

VIPP license plate

License Plates
Purchase a VIPP license plate for your vehicle. Click here for details.

These are sold to registered individuals in the VIPP program.


North Bend State Park was the 2015 host park.  The corn roast, s'mores, music, horse-drawn wagon rides and fellowship was wonderful. Thanks to everyone that came out for the good times and the great weather and fun. 

The 30th Annual Picnic host site will be held at Camp Creek State Park and State Forest. The picnic date is Saturday, August 27, 2016 with activities being planned for Saturday, August 27.

Campsites at Camp Creek State Park are all reservable for picnic weekend.  Early registration begins September 21, 2015.  Sites will be 10% off site rates and two or more night reservations are encouraged. To learn about the different campsites at Camp Creek, visit the park website - The phone number is (304) 425-9481.  The office is generally open from 8:30/9:00 a.m. until 4:30/5:00 p.m. daily.  You may get a voice recording.  Rest assured Frank, Pam or a park employee will return your call.  Email is also an excellent way to communicate.

Lodging accommodations in the area are best described by Southern West Virginia CVB  and the Mercer County CVB websites. Additionally some cabins at Pipestem Resort State Park are on hold for VIPP Picnic attendees.  These are two night reservations – call Pipestem at 304-466-1800.  As of September 2015,  Pipestem's McKeever Lodge is booked, however, cancellations do occur.

The picnic is on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at Camp Creek State Park. The 30th annual picnic will focus on good food and music; games and activities throughout the day.  The Camp Creek State Park Foundation is our supporting organization to make the 2016 picnic a tremendous success.  An activity agenda will not be available until June 2016.  A registration form and fee may be posted online by February 1, 2016 as plans develop.


VIPP newsletters or fliers arrive via US postal service once a year, or more if appropriate and feasible to the addresses on file in our VIPP participant registration mailing list. If you have moved, and have not notified the program manager of the address change, we will not have a current address on file. Please keep Carol updated.

An electronic VIPP newsletter is available when we have your email address and your request for the eNewsletter.  Individuals must subscribe to the electronic newsletter and may unsubscribe at any time.  Privacy policies protect you from unwanted electronic transmissions and why you generate the email request.   Click here to fill out the online form to receive electronic newsletters.


Very Important Parks Person (VIPP)

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