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Hiking West Virginia

The Hiking Program is a great way to experience the beauty and scenic variety of our wonderful State Parks. Hiking in WV = Happiness!

Hiking program general information

All mileage must be accumulated on a hiking trail or designated trails in a West Virginia state park, forest, which includes North Bend Rail Trail and the Greenbrier River Trail. A list of areas managed by the WV State Park system is under ‘find a park’ or ‘find a park by map’ at
Individuals must complete and forward a hiking program registration form prior to logging miles.
A link to this registration form is at the bottom of this page. It is also available in the Hiking West Virginia State Parks brochure.

What you receive following enrollment

  • A log card to record hiking mileage on WV state parks and forests for each individual registered
  • A packet of available state park and forest trail maps
  • Online trail map links are also available at the bottom of this page.
  • Rewards for achieving personal hiking plateaus


There is a one-time registration fee of $15 per person. Make checks payable to: WV State Parks and forward with the completed registration form. This fee is non-refundable.

Hiking Plateaus & Rewards

There is no time limit for achieving personal hiking plateaus. The hiking program is not a competition. Once an individual has collected the rewards available, there is no restart. The hiking program format is a one-time enrollment with stated plateaus and rewards as listed. If additional plateaus are added, enrollees will be eligible.

Your award and log will then be returned to you so you may continue to the next plateau.

Walking stick
25 mile plateau

Cane Shields
50 mile cane shield…50 mile plateau
100 mile cane shield …100 mile plateau
200 mile cane shield … 200 miles
300 mile cane shield …300 miles
Cane shields are available for every 100 miles up to 2000 miles

Special Cane Shields
Cane shields are rewards for participating in the featured hikes listed below.
Participating in these hikes and events is encouraged every year, but
only one cane shield will be issued.

Hikers should log at least 50 miles on state park or forest trails prior
to claiming a featured hike cane shield.

Featured Hikes Include:

  • January
    Winter Hike – Kanawha State Forest
  • May & October
    Walk Between the Parks – Blackwater Falls & Canaan Valley Resort State Parks
  • April
    Sue Browning Wildflower Hike – Chief Logan State Park
    Osbra Eye Memorial Hike – Kanawha State Forest
  • Last Saturday in April or first Saturday in May (View Calendar of Events for exact date)
    Show-Me-Hike – Greenbrier State Forest
  • June, July, August
    River Trek – Pipestem Resort State Park
  • September
    Margaret Denison Memorial Hike – Kanawha State Forest
  • Various dates
    Bluestone Turnpike Hike – Pipestem Resort State Park

How to submit hiking miles

Upon reaching each mileage plateau, please mail your completed mileage log to the Parks & Recreation Charleston office at the address below. Your mileage log card will be returned to you as soon as possible so you may continue to the next plateau. Please understand that receipt of walking sticks or shield may take up to four weeks (depending on availability) and each reward may be mailed separately. There are no additional charges for rewards or shipping and handling fees associated with this program.


It is advisable to check with your physician before starting this program.
Enrollees do not have to stay overnight to claim mileage. Featured hikes, in addition to other great activities, are listed in the WV State Park Events Calendar.

Wishing you happy trails.


Print a hiking club registration form.
Print a hiking club plateau claim form.

WV State Park - Hiking Program
324 4th Avenue
South Charleston WV 25303

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