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Making a difference – Maintaining trails as work and fun!

Adopting a trail helps maintain the beauty of West Virginia

Preserving the unspoiled beauty of West Virginia State Parks, Forests or Wildlife Management Areas through volunteer service is a goal of the Adopt-A-Trail program. Over 800 miles of hiking trails in the state park system are available for state residents and guests to enjoy and share with family and friends. Visitors and guests say hiking is a favorite outdoor activity.

By monitoring and maintaining a specific trail, individuals or groups are saying “We make a difference” and “We support our state park (or forest)” by keeping trails in good shape.

Through volunteer efforts, public trail adoption is a tremendous benefit to the quality of our state image and the important role that trails provide.

Adopt-A-Trail Guidelines

  • Persons participating must be at least 12 years of age or part of a group (i.e. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts). Children under age 12 who volunteer as a group or part of a group my do so without parents present provided there is a ratio of one adult responsible for every seven children. Teens ages 13-17, volunteering as a group must have one adult for every ten volunteers.
  • Registration/enrollment forms must be completed and turned into the park office and approved prior to trail work.
  • The entire trail must be adopted. Trails cannot be broken into sections.
  • Adoption is for a period of one year (beginning the first day of the month following approval) and may be renewed annually.
  • The trail must be cleaned three times a year. Clean up dates are scheduled by the volunteer or designated volunteer leader with the approval of the park superintendent. Clean-ups must be at least 30 days apart.
  • Volunteers must bring all hand tools needed to maintain the trail. The area will furnish garbage bags.
  • Volunteers are required to complete a report of the trail work after each pick up. The card can be picked up at the park office or downloaded. The report is turned in to the park or forest office.
  • The clean-up must be done by the adopting group and cannot be subcontracted.

Before doing any trail work, always meet and discuss the trail selection, clean up dates, and other related information with the area superintendent. He or she must be aware of your involvement and the day you are working.

Current groups, organizations, or individuals making a difference

The group or individual may elect to have their name posted to this webpage. When you post your involvement in this program, it is an opportunity for WV State Parks to recognize your work, and it encourages others to become part of this program. We understand that many individuals and groups do not want recognized and participate in Adopt-A-Trail as a personal reward for helping parks and forests in keeping trails well maintained.

Audra State Park
The Neman Family

Bluestone State Park
Greenbrier Academy for Girls

Carnifex Ferry Battlefield
B.J. Donato and Heather Neil

Coopers Rock State Forest
Adventure's Edge
Coopers Rock Foundation
Morgantown Multisport
WV Sierra Club

Tomlinson Run State Park
Hancock County 4-H Teen Leaders
Oak Glen H.S. Cross Country & Track Team
GAI Consultants, Inc.
The Bennett Family
Chris Young Memorial
Micheals Family

Posting only includes the name of the group or individual as provided on the application form and the name of the adopted park or forest where a trail has been adopted. Posting to the web is an option of the group to be recognized.

How to submit trail work

After completing trail work, either complete a report form available at the park office or download the report (bottom of this page), complete the requested information and present to the area superintendent.


When you adopt a trail, you are making sure trail users will always have a well-maintained trail to hike or walk. Thank you for your participation and for making a difference.

Print an Adopt-A-Trail participation form.
Print an Adopt-A-Trail ‘Our Work Makes a Difference’ Report

For additional information or questions about Adopt-A-Trail, contact:
Parks and Recreation
1900 Kanawha Blvd., E. - Building 3, Room 709
Charleston, WV 25305-0314
(304) 558-2764

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