Hiking Club Plateau Claim Form

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This is to certify that I:

Name: ______________________________

Address: ____________________________

City: _______________________________

State: _____________ Zip: ______________

am a participant in the "Hiking West Virginia" program

To qualify as a West Virginia Hiker, I have logged in the number of miles
I hiked in West Virginia State Parks, Forests, and Wildlife Management Areas

Date Park/Trail Name Distance

I have completed the following special hikes.
They are initialed and dated by the park naturalist.

Walk Between the Parks _____

Wildflower Hikes (Chief Logan State Park) ______

Show-Me-Hike (Greenbrier State Forest)______

Osbra Eye Memorial Hikes (Kanawha State Forest)_______

River Trek (Pipestem Resort State Park)_______

Bluestone Turnpike Hike (Pipestem Resort State Park)_______